Web Cutting Plasma System

700Franklin Web Plasma Cutting System

Is a combination of unique material handling and a high performance CNC Plasma cutting machine. Raw sheets are automatically retrieved and loaded by a Programmable Gantry system.  Each plate is loaded onto the infeed conveyor and squared by Hydraulic pushers.  The plates are then moved by the powered roller conveyor on to the Driven Plasma Slat table.  Once the webs or other parts are cut the Driven Plasma slat table moves forward unloading the completed parts and skeleton, while bringing in the next raw plate.

851CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

High Performance Plasma Cutting machine with brushless AC servo drives and planetary gear boxes, providing positioning speed of 1700IPM. Planetary gear boxes with near zero backlash in both ”X” and “Y” axis virtually eliminate backlash providing smooth, consistent motion.  A 2.0 inch wide stainless steel band positions the carriages smoothly.  Proper “X” axis pinion engagement is assured via a unique spring cam arrangement Per ISO 230-2 Acceptance Code for machine tools, using a laser interferometer.

300CNC Vacuum Loading Gantry

- Gantry is Semi-Automatic with Touch Screen Control

- Bin locations are programmable by plate size and section

- Sheet sizes are optional from 20-60 ft. in length x 72” wide

- Vacuum lifter has material contact sensors and Vacuum monitor for safe automatic “pick and place” operation

500Web Plate Infeed Conveyor

- Driven roller conveyor with AC/VF drives

- Hydraulic Datum pushers for squaring the loaded sheet

- Conveyor holds the next plate to be cut, while the previous sheet is being cut

- Conveyor is located directly under the Gantry loading rails


800Web Plate Storage

- Raw sheets can be stored in programmable bin locations

- Storage depths up to 80 ft travel

- Floor mounted low rail on the material load and provides easy loading of heavy stacks direct to storage area

- Vacuum Gantry can load up to (2) plasma lines


600Outfeed unload Gantry with 180 degree rotator







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